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Ethics committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) is inspired by the values and founding principles of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where it was established in 1988 and, today with the establishment of Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, it wants to be even more an integrative service of the clinical-assistance work to achive excellence in the care of every person who is a guest and user of our facilities.

The EC is an advisory body, whose members, from different areas of expertise and experience, are mainly called upon to assess the ethical conditions of trial protocols and to verify that the safety, integrity and rights of patients participating in the studies are safeguarded.

Ethics Committee, the main direction

Ethics Committee

The aims of the Ethics Committee can be traced back to 3 main directions:

  1. to give public assurance of respect for life - from conception to the natural end of life - for the health, and for the rights of the individual within the clinical practice and research;
  2. facilitate, especially in particularly difficult cases, caregivers' choices and collaboration with patients in the information-deliberative process;
  3. to overcome the fragmentation and complexity of medical specialties through their reading in the anthropological unity of the human person and particularly the suffering person, in the goal of the best quality of care and research.

Finally, our Ethics Committee is reconstituted in accordance with Ministerial Decree 08/02/2013 (Official Gazette No. 96, 24/04/2013), which introduced new criteria for the composition and functioning of ethics committees.

Ethics Committe members 2021-2024

Prof. Andrea Bacigalupo
EC President - Hematologist

Prof.ssa Stefania Boccia
Vice President - Biostatistician

Prof. Dario Sacchini
Bioethics expert

Prof. Emilio Bria

Prof. Alessandro Caruso

Prof.ssa Ketty Peris

Prof. Camillo Marra

Prof. Sebastiano Filetti

Dott. Michele Lepore
Doctor of general medicine

Prof. Riccardo Ricciardi

Prof. Giacomo Pozzoli

Dott.ssa Barbara Meini
Pharmacologist SSR1

Dott. Alessio De Luca
Pharmacologist SSR1

Prof.ssa Nadia Mores
Permanent substitute for the Medical Director

Prof. Giovanni Scambia
Scientific director

Danilo Gallitelli
Expert in legal and insurance matters or Legal Doctor

Prof.ssa Fiorella Guerrieri
Genetics expert

Dott. Francesco Filidoro
Medical device expert pharmacist

Dott. Antonello Cocchieri
Representative of the health professions area

Prof.ssa Giuseppina Loffredi
Representative of the Voluntary Service \ Patient Protection Association

Dott. Don Paolo Bonini
Bioethics expert

Members on call

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Mele
Nutrition expert

Prof.ssa Maria Antonietta Gambacorta
Clinical expert in relation to the study of new technical-diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Ing. Lorenzo Leogrande
Qualified professional figure in relation to the surgical medical area under investigation with the medical device

External members

Filippo Elvino Leone
Research Service Manager

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Gemelli Rome Triangle