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Gemelli’s Aging medicine’s Center (Ce.M.I.) has as its first aim to provide assistance to "fragile", elderly people by protocols including both comprehensive measures and individualized procedures.

CeMI for elderly patients

CeMI elderly patient

The Center was created with the idea of providing a continuity of care to meet the elderly patient's needs and to ensure the patient's care as time goes by.

The activities are divided into the six floors of the Multifunctional Healthcare Complex.

These activities are explicit on a homogeneous functional area and they are healthcare-oriented. The geriatrics assessment unit (UVG) acts as a complementary organization and it is composed of a geriatrician (as coordinator), physiatrist, neuropsychologist, social worker, professional nurse and rehabilitation therapist.

A multidimensional evaluation is done to establish which individualized assistance procedures to implement through the various services, with preventive, curative, rehabilitative or maintenance interventions.

CeMI structure

CeMI equipe

Therefore the Ce.M.I. is composed by:

  • an Operational Unit for patients with acute symptoms;
  • two Rehabilitative Operational Units;
  • a Day Hospital;
  • Clinics;
  • The Rehabilitation and Functional Re-education service, which carries out its activity in three gyms and in two clinics;
  • The Department of Neuropsychology;
  • The Fitness Center;
  • The Research Center for the promotion and the development of geriatric care (CEPSAG).

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Gemelli Rome Triangle


Gemelli Rome Triangle