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Comprehensive Cancer Center

Since the cancer center was opening in 1964, Gemelli was always a pioneer in the field of Oncology, and over the years it has developed an integrated network of reception, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation services, showing a continuous ability in innovation.

Gemelli has always been aware that the health care provided to these patients does not only concern the disease’s care management, but also requires “global management“, aimed at recognizing and alleviating psychological and relational problems, which can influence the course of treatment.

Starting from this philosophy, which is expressed in the activity of Medical Oncology, Surgery, Interventional Radiology and Radiotherapy, Gemelli avails itself of the Comprehensive Cancer Center to better organize all the Foundation’s structures that carry out oncological activities, reinforcing the principle of a lifelong clinical-healthcare pathway for the patient.

This is made possible by staff with integrated skills, professional figures such as psycho-oncologist and nutritionists, the introduction of personalized programmes and the humanization of care.


Comprehensive Cancer Center Pathways

Clinical-healthcare pathways, specific to each disease, are currently in place for cancer patients. This makes possible a complete integration between the various specialists, according to a patient-centred multidisciplinary approach.

The coordination with all the General Hospital’s structures allows offering a global response to the patients' health demands, making use of the most advanced equipment, useful both in the diagnostic phase (latest generation multi-layer CT, PET-CT) and in the therapeutic phase (three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy, increasingly personalized drugs and treatments based on the molecular target).

Oncological Care Manager

Oncological Care Manager
Oncological Care Manager

Patient management is taken care of by the Tumor Boards, multidisciplinary and multi-professional groups made up of all the specialists involved in the management of a particular tumour pathology, who meet weekly to discuss clinical cases and make shared decisions on the diagnostic-therapeutic pathway most appropriate to adopt.

This makes use of the figure of the Oncological Care Manager, facilitator of contacts between the Patient or family members/caregivers and the members of the Tumor Board at each stage of the clinical path, through support for the operational management of the path itself.

The platform allows you to organize and manage the work of the Tumor Boards for the discussion of clinical cases, making available to the multidisciplinary group all the examinations, images and information necessary for the discussion of the diagnostic-therapeutic process.

Holistic Approach of the cancer center

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Also, continuous research is a fundamental component of the holistic approach to the patient and his needs.

Research aimed at strengthening the possibilities of intervention of precision medicine, through the identification and selection of patients with specific tumour characteristics and the use of the different “weapons” available, chemotherapy, molecular target drugs, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, in a combined and integrated way, according to true and ever more specific personalization of the treatment.

Gemelli is also a member of the Alliance Against Cancer. For more information please visit

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Gemelli Rome Triangle