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The ophthalmology in Gemelli is a modern healthcare facility that stands out for its ability to provide cutting-edge medical and surgical services compared to national and international standards.

At the OU of Ophthalmology of the Gemelli Polyclinic, thanks to excellent human and material resources, we align medical dedication with the highest diagnostic and therapeutic standards.

Ophthalmology areas


Diagnostic instruments

The use of latest generation diagnostic instruments (Corneal confocal microscope, Aberrometer, Microperimeter, RetCam, OCT of the anterior and posterior segment, Angio-OCT, etc.) and surgical instruments (latest generation phacoemulsifiers and Femto laser for minimally invasive cataract surgery, Intralase for corneal surgery, lamellar and perforating corneal transplants for corneal diseases, grafting of corneal stem cell cultures for ocular surface diseases, drainage systems including minimally invasive for glaucoma surgery, brachytherapy, transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) and conservative surgery for the treatment of ocular tumours, etc.),

Team in ophthalmology

Continuous updating of staff by organization and participation in courses and congresses of national and international importance.

Lean clinical and surgical procedures with reduced waiting times, preferential options for outpatient surgery and day surgery rather than in ordinary hospitalization.

Outpatient services

A high number of outpatient services (general eye examination) and specialist services are provided in the context of numerous services organized for specific branches of ophthalmology through dedicated personnel and equipment:

  • cornea,
  • retina,
  • glaucoma,
  • perimetry service,
  • neuro-ophthalmology,
  • electrophysiology,
  • pediatric ophthalmology,
  • orthoptics strabology,
  • uveitis,
  • ultrasound,
  • oncology,
  • ophthalmoplasty,
  • dacryology,
  • low vision.

Para-surgical (laser therapy) and surgical (cataract surgery, cornea and refractive defects, vitreous-retina, glaucoma, strabismus, tumours, orbit, eyelids, lacrimal ducts, pterygium, etc.),


Raising awareness for cornea donation for the execution of transplants and the intensification of collaboration and exchange relationships with the ocular tissue banks.

The systematic application of informed consent to all diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures.

Ocular Oncology Unit

Ocular Oncology Unit

The Ocular Oncology Unit represents a highly qualified structure, specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular and adnexal tumours (conjunctiva, eyelids, orbit), which guarantees a correct classification and adequate treatment of affected patients.

Due to the heterogeneity of the diseases, as well as the multimodal treatments available (such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) and the complexity of the patient’s profile (often characterized by advanced age and different comorbities) most of the cases are discussed in a multi-disciplinary team to provide an integrated and individually tailored treatment plan.

The Ocular Oncology Unit is one of the main centers and the most active in terms of turnout all over Italy and Europe.

Brachytherapy Ophthalmology

From 2006 to today, over 600 brachytherapy interventions with episcleral plaques of Ru 106 and I 125 for the treatment of uveal melanoma, with an influx of patients from the Lazio region equal to 45% and 55% from outside the region. Brachytherapy represents the gold standard of treatment of small and medium-sized uveal melanoma, ensuring, as a result, good local control of the disease with the survival of over 90% of cases.

The Ocular Oncology Unit has been entrusted with the task of elaborating, in collaboration with other experts, the National Guidelines for the treatment of Uveal Melanoma.

Surgical and medical treatments of ocular surface squamous neoplasia, conjunctival melanocytic tumours, benign and malignant orbital tumours, and eyelid malignancies (basal cell ca, the squamous cell ca, sebaceous ca, Merkel ca) are carried out.


Prof.ssa Maria Antonietta Blasi (head of Ocular Oncology Unit), prof. Gustavo Savino, dott. Remo Battendieri, dott.ssa Monica Maria Pagliara, dott.ssa Maria Grazia Sammarco and dott. Andrea Scupola.

Gemelli Rome Triangle


Gemelli Rome Triangle