Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS di Roma

Cardiac Sciences / Gemelli Heart Center

Our department is a referral for the treatment of all cardiovascular diseases of medical or surgical interest. It is divided into different units that are specialized in different treatment sectors: cardiology, cardiovascular internal medicine, heart surgery, vascular surgery, but the problem of the patient is faced up and managed in a multidisciplinary approach; the entire team works together on it, finding the best solution for the single patient and for this reason we can say that the internal organization has been modernized to base it on the problem of the patient (horizontal approach) and not on the old organization based on the unit performances (vertical approach), and so without wasting time.

Everyday the entire team makes short meetings to discuss the patients and inform their families about the developments and, in case of, engage in psychological support for them.

Our department offers the most modern diagnostic, surgical and interventional procedures. Hemodynamics and Electrophysiology laboratories provide advanced diagnostic exams and state-of-the-art interventional therapies: coronary angioplasty, cardiac structural interventional, treatment of complex arrhythmias by endocardial or epicardial.

In addition, the coronary artery bypass it’s made by following the international guidelines and valve surgery is performed with minimally invasive and video-assisted methods.

There are more than 800 major cardiac surgeries per year, especially coronary artery bypass, which in 2022 accounted for 0% of deaths. The Cardiovascular Science Department of Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli is one of the best in Italy and in the world for scientific research, which compromises itself in training new physicians.

There are new state-of-the-art operating rooms and one of them is the hybrid room, which in addition to traditional surgical procedures, complex endovascular and interventional procedures can be performed.

All of the operating rooms are equipped with advanced softwares for excellent performance.

For the treatment of advanced heart failure, the Cardiovascular Department uses all types of cardiac mechanical assistance, both short-term (balloon pump, ECMO - extracorporeal membrane examination) and medium-long-term (left ventricular assist device - LVAD).

Gemelli Rome Triangle


Gemelli Rome Triangle