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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Cancer Gynecology

Gynaecology, in the Complex Operative Unit of Oncological Gynaecology, represents a highly specialized structure in the prevention, diagnosis, and surgical and medical treatment of women suffering from gynaecological neoplasms. The activity of the Operating Unit is carried out by a Multidisciplinary Team which involves, in addition to the Gynecologist, several specialists including:

  • Anatomo-pathologist,
  • General Surgeon,
  • Radiologist, Radiation oncologist,
  • Psycho-oncologist - dedicated to gynaecological oncological pathology.


The Complex Operative Unit of Oncological Gynaecology carried out about 4,000 surgeries in 2018.

Gynaecology Activities


The surgical activity of the Oncological Gynecology Complex Operating Unit takes place in a dedicated Surgical Block (Floor 6, Wing O) and at the GE.RO.ME. located on Floor 1 Wing J.

In the dedicated Operating Block there are 4 integrated Operating Theaters, inaugurated in September 2019, which have the most modern technologies for minimally invasive and laparotomy approaches. In the Center for Robotic Surgery GE.RO.ME. there is a room dedicated to Oncological Gynecology.

Patients are directed to individual surgical approaches with a multidisciplinary decision with the aim of individualizing the treatment and favouring minimally invasive approaches.


The Complex Operative Unit of Oncological Gynecology has obtained accreditation from the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO) as a reference center for the treatment of malignant neoplasms of the ovary.

Functional Connections

The activity of the Oncological Gynecology Operating Unit is functionally linked with that of the Oncological Gynecology Unit (Floor 3 Wing O) and the "CLASS Ultrasound" Center for Ultrasound in Gynecology (Floor 2 Wing D). In the Oncological Gynecology Day Hospital, a team of gynaecologists and medical oncologists, dedicated to gynaecological cancers, works in a coordinated way in the management of medical therapies, guaranteeing each patient an appropriate, timely and updated clinical assistance pathway with the latest scientific evidence and guidelines.

Furthermore, the Center for Clinical Gender Pharmacology dedicated to clinical trials was recently inaugurated on Floor 10 Wing O. It is an inpatient ward with 4 beds and a Day Hospital where patients included in clinical trials are treated.

In the Gynecological Ultrasound Center, second-level pelvic ultrasound flowmeters and, when indicated, eco-guided biopsy procedures are carried out with the most modern and up-to-date ultrasound equipment.

Gynaecology Therapeutic Performances

Inpatient therapeutic services mainly concern the planning of surgical interventions. The activities of diagnostic classification and medical therapies are instead carried out on a day hospital or outpatient basis.

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