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Endocrinology endocrine

This general endocrinology clinic provides a first diagnostic classification of the endocrinological pathology and the subsequent planning of management in specific clinics for the therapy and the follow-up of the various pathologies of the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, ovary and testicle).

The facility also provides the main services for the management of the thyroid nodule, from screening to follow-up, in patients with thyroid carcinoma. We offer targeted services, also grouped in “service packages”, available both in convention with the Health Service and for private activity.

List of services endocrine and metabolic:

  • Thyroid ultrasound;
  • Echocolordoppler Thyroid;
  • Thyroid gland echocolordoppler;
  • Echocolordoppler with elastography;
  • Follow-up package for thyroid nodules;
  • Evaluation package for thyroid nodules with needle aspiration;
  • Post-thyroidectomy evaluation package for K thyroid;
  • Thyroid Evaluation Package.

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The Diabetes Center


It offers a diagnostic therapeutic assistance pathway for diabetes, both for integrated management with the family doctor (with the possibility of sending data and folders via Internet) and for direct management of the most complex cases.

It is called “Diabetes Team” because it offers all the necessary professional figures for diabetes control. Doctor, Nurse, Nutritionist, and others.

This facility allows the main services to be performed within its own space. The main services provided are screeening of complications and diabetes therapy, also grouped in “service packages”, available both in convention with the Health Service and for private activities.

It does not treat diabetic foot.

Diabetes list of services:

  • Glycemic Holter;
  • bio-electrical impedance analyses;
  • Educational therapy;
  • Autonomic neuropathy test;
  • ArmBand Calorie Consumption Evaluation;
  • Complication Screening Package;
  • Diabetes Neodiagnosis Package;
  • Non-pharmacological therapy Package;
  • Diabetes therapy adjustment Package;
  • Cardiovascular Prevention Package;
  • Comprehensive diabetes assessment package.

From a research standpoint, The Gemelli Diabetes Center deals with research for the study of the interaction between diabetes and mechanisms concerning platelet aggregation and coagulation and its potential involvement in the pathogenesis of complications, especially peripheral arterial disease. Furthermore, studies are active to identify new early markers, indicators of micro and macroangiopathic complications.

Regarding gestational diabetes, studies are underway for the use of technology, in particular the continuous monitoring of blood sugar, for the clinical definition of the metabolic structure during gestation.

A cooperation is active with the CNR for the definition of algorithms that can govern the infusion of subcutaneous insulin therapy.

Finally, also through cooperation with international centers of excellence, a program is active for the redefinition of cardiovascular involvement in diabetes and its treatment. There is the Clinical-Assistance Path of the Gemelli hospital for the care of the patient with diabetic foot and for the management of diabetes during pregnancy.

With regard to type 2 diabetes, patient management is global from a metabolic, endocrinological and internal level point of view, with proven experience in the use of new diabetes drugs, including the most innovative ones through the execution of clinic trials.

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Dyslipidemia - Cholesterol


Cardiovascular diseases are linked to the level of cholesterol in the blood: if the levels of LDL cholesterol are too high, this slowly tends to settle on the inner wall of the arteries, facilitating the development of atherosclerosis. Too high of a concentration of cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and triglycerides are important risk factors for the outbreak of cardiovascular diseases. This clinic specializes in the diagnosis, classification and management of hypercholesterolemia and in the follow-up of cardiovascular complications.

The endocrinological examination for cholesterol and dyslipidemia is completed by the collaboration with the nutritionist and the possibility of having a series of services that comprehend the metabolic evaluation and the assessment of cardiovascular risk.

List of services:

  • Bio-electrical impedance analyses;
  • Educational therapy;
  • ArmBand Calorie Consumption Evaluation;
  • Cardiovascular risk in dyslipidemia assessment package.



Classical osteoporosis is a disease that primarily affects menopausal women or elderly people. In the case of a random diagnosis of osteoporosis in a person under the age of 50, for example following a fracture, it is usually necessary to think of a secondary osteoporosis, that is due to a cause that must be found out and identified.

This clinic specializes in the diagnosis, management and follow-up of post-menopausal osteoporosis and of the secondary forms of this disease.



Andrology is the branch of endocrinology that studies and treats problems of the male reproductive system, such as dysfunctions and malformations which can compromise human development, sexual activity, fertility and health, from puberty to senility.

The andrology clinic manages the physiopathological, clinical, endocrine, neuroendocrine and psychosexual aspects of the patient’s life, both from a reproductive and from a sexual point of view.

The multidisciplinary team of professionals of this department deals with the diagnosis and the treatment of fertility and male sexuality’s pathologies, in particular hypogonadism, erectile deficit, infertility and varicocele.

The Andrology’s clinic is part of the SIAMS accredited centers (Italian Society of Medical Andrology and Sexuality).

List of services (appointments only for patients followed at our Center):

  • Spermiogram;
  • Testicular echocolordoppler;
  • Transrectal prostatic ultrasound;
  • Varicocele scleroembolization;
  • Gonioscopy.
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