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Gemelli ART

Inaugurated in June 2019, the Gemelli ART center, comprising the highly advanced MRIdian high-tech treatment room and the update of the new hybrid Radiotherapy equipment with Magnetic Resonance, Gemelli ART confirms itself as an international reference point in the field of Oncological Radiotherapy.

The Center, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and research laboratories, in addition to the areas dedicated to therapy, has training spaces for doctors and operators and places for information and for consulting patients, which make it one of the tops widely accredited European radiation oncology units.

Gemelli ART

The Gemelli ART offers patients the most advanced clinical assistance and the best therapies, making available the most innovative technologies, both in the outpatient and hospitalization settings. Highly specialized treatments are proposed using cutting-edge radiotherapy techniques, which by combining advanced imaging and radiotherapy, guarantee extreme precision, personalization of care, organ preservation and function sparing, guaranteeing greater healing opportunities.

The high level of innovation and the number of technological instruments active at Gemelli ART allow a very high standard of service including the possibility of customizing the patient’s treatment times in an extremely versatile way, according to his/her needs.

Most of the patients are followed in a multidisciplinary context, with a thorough discussion of the problems of the individual patient in meetings between the various specialists involved in order to propose to each patient the treatment strategy most appropriate to their clinical situation and to help them make the most appropriate decision for their need.

Gemelli ART: Brachytherapy – Interventional Oncology Center

Inside the Gemelli ART, there is the Center for Interventional Oncology which, with its two interventional rooms and dedicated dosimetry, offers interventional radiotherapy treatments (brachytherapy) and interventional oncology procedures such as positioning Spacers and fiducials useful to improve accuracy and tolerance of external beam radiotherapy.

Gemelli has an extensive brachytherapy program, opened in the 1970s and now being a world-leading centre in brachytherapy training and in treating gynaecological tumours, head and neck tumours, anal, renal, prostate, ocular, biliary tract, oesophagus, breast, skin and sarcoma tumours.

The centre is equipped with HDR, PDR and LDR image-based treatment facilities.

The brachytherapy centre was one of the first institutions to adopt CT-based treatment planning and since 2012, MRI-based interventional procedures have become a daily routine.

More than 400 patients per year receive brachytherapy treatments with more than 1,100 sessions. Furthermore, since 2015, Gemelli has been recognized as an international leader and international educational center in brachytherapy techniques.


The high number of patients and the wide range of care especially oriented especially to gynaecological, prostate, skin and head and neck treatments, place the Center as a reference structure on the Italian and international scene.

Furthermore, with its training school in interventional radiotherapy (INTERACTS - INTErventional Radiotherapy ACtive Teaching School), the structure is accredited as a training centre by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and by the Brachy Academy.

In 2019, the IOC received the Patients’ Digital Health Awards, an award promoted by the Digital Health Academy in cooperation with more than 40 Patient Associations, for the MISSION (MultISenSory Integrated System for patient cOmpliaNce improvement) project. In fact, the therapy room offers a multisensory environment that can be customized by the patient to better experience the experience of interventional radiotherapy.

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Gemelli Rome Triangle