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Breast Surgery

The Department of Breast Surgery of the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital in Rome has as Its Director Prof. Riccardo Masetti.

Prof. Riccardo Masetti

The department, equipped with 8 beds, is a highly specialized structure that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, with a particular interest in cancer diseases. The surgical activity is carried out in operating rooms, with weekly operating sessions, which allow the execution of an average of about 1000 interventions per year, mainly for breast cancers.

The Unit is recognized in Italy and abroad as one of the centers of excellence for the use of oncoplastic surgery techniques: special operating techniques that combine the principles of oncological surgery with those of plastic surgery. The Breast Surgery Center of Gemelli University Hospital is also a renown center for breast reconstruction and microsurgery techniques (including lymphedema).

A Multidisciplinary Team in breast surgery

A multidisciplinary team, composed of specialists from the various oncological disciplines, discusses collegially in the pre-and post-surgical phases each case that has come to observation in order to define the best diagnostic and therapeutic pre-course on the basis of the most recent scientific evidence and guidelines.

In the Senology Center, there are also specialized clinics for the multidisciplinary evaluation of particular categories of patients (such as those at high risk or in geriatric age or with problems from induced menopause or with the need for physiatric rehabilitation) and a psycho-oncological support service usable both by patients and their families.

A Holistic Approach

The care path of the patients is further facilitated by the work of seven specialized nurses (Breast Nurse) who better coordinate the needs of each patient and by a "holistic" approach that combines the provision of traditional oncological therapies in a format of excellence with free complementary services such as acupuncture, foot reflexology, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Consultations and Phytotherapy and natural substances, art therapy laboratories, music therapy and mindfulness laboratories, useful to reduce the symptoms related to surgical and pharmacological treatments and to promote the best recovery of psycho-physical well-being.

Prof. Riccardo Masetti explains: "A holistic approach to patients with breast or gynaecological cancer is certainly an added value to reduce the side effects of traditional oncological treatments and contribute, together with psychological support, to a more effective recovery of psychophysical well-being and a better quality of life".

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