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The world's largest integrated digital hysteroscopy center has been opend at Gemelli University Hospital

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Endouterine pathologies treated at the same time

Gemelli CLASS Hysteroscopy Centre

The new CLASS Hysteroscopy Centre of Gemelli University Hospital Foundation has three operating rooms dedicated to digital hysteroscopy. A similar project on a smaller scale had been realised in Leuven (Belgium) with the creation of an integrated operating theatre dedicated to digital hysteroscopy, followed by another centre inaugurated a few months ago in Shanghai where there are 2 integrated theatres. "Our ambitious project, which has now become a reality," explains Professor Giovanni Scambia, Director of the Gynaecology Oncology Unit of the Gemelli University Hospital, Full Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Cattolica University in Rome, "has lead to the creation of 3 integrated rooms dedicated to digital hysteroscopy. Each room has the most advanced technologies in terms of endoscopic image management and three-dimensional ultrasound and all the most innovative tools for the management of endouterine pathologies".

Thanks to the extreme miniaturisation of the instruments and endoscopic optics of the smallest size and highest quality, and thanks to the presence of a 3D ultrasound scanner in every room, it will be possible to treat any endouterine pathology at a single time. "We will therefore overcome the former model which forced the patient to go to hospital several times to perform ultrasound, diagnostic hysteroscopy, pre-hospitalisation with examinations, and then operative hysteroscopy in the operating theatre, in order to welcome her in the Integrated Digital Hysteroscopy Centre," Professor Giovanni Scambia continues.

The patient pathway, the preparation and observation areas and, above all, the operating theatres have been specifically designed and built to perform digital hysteroscopy procedures, integrating all the necessary technologies and guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety for patients and operators.

"The flagship of the CLASS Hysteroscopy Centre," concludes Professor Scambia, "will be the management of patients with uterine malformations and the management of patients with endometrial cancer in fertile age, for whom a dedicated Clinical-Assistance Pathway has also been activated.

The centre was also realised thanks to the sensitive support of the Onlus association "Oppo e le sue stanze".

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