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The first cancer patients in Italy treated using a hybrid linear accelerator with magnetic resonance at Gemelli ART

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Original article: Al Gemelli ART trattati primi pazienti oncologici in Italia mediante acceleratore lineare ibrido con risonanza magnetica - Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS (policlinicogemelli.it)

After having acquired two years of experience with the first version of this innovative technology, at Gemelli ART a new hybrid linear accelerator MRIdian ™ - ViewRay (ViewRay, Mountain View, CA, USA) is now clinically active. This is the most modern radiotherapy image-guided solution, currently available to treat patients with lung, liver and prostate malignancies.

The treatment unit consists of a magnetic resonance (MRI) scanner with a field strength of 0.35 T and a 6 MV linear accelerator capable of rotating and radiating the patient from 360 degrees, while specific technical measures allow radiation to effectively reach the target without interaction with the magnetic field.

The presence of integrated magnetic resonance imaging allows to acquire static images of excellent morphological quality for the initial positioning of the patient and to actively monitor the treatment through the acquisition of dynamic images on which it is possible to verify in real time the position of the tumor for the entire duration of the treatment.

This technological solution allows to automatically stop the irradiation when the tumor is not in the expected position due to the patient's natural movements (such as breathing or heartbeat). This technology, allowing a controlled delivery of radiotherapy, allows to administer higher doses on the tumor and to offer greater chances of healing.

The patient can check the position of his illness at any time through a screen and, by controlling his breathing, helps to keep his disease in the best place to be irradiated. It is the first technological solution that allows the cancer patient to participate directly in the treatment of his disease.

Very recent software developments also allow to realize treatments in "online adaptive" mode optimizing the dose distribution on the patient's daily anatomy and thus obtaining safer treatment plans reaching higher doses on the target and obtaining excellent clinical results in terms of local response and survival and reducing toxicity and side effects.

The importance that the patient's calmness plays for the healthcare professionals during treatment is evidenced by the decoration of the therapy room, made entirely by the workers of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (Maestro Varamo) designed by the Creative Design of the Maison Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli, who projects the patient into a dreamlike dimension of contact with nature and with his own being.

Prof. Valentini and Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino
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