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The TREE Center supports scientific and educational initiatives aimed at optimizing the professional skills of health professionals with a direct focus on both the technical-manual and non-technical-aptitude abilities.

Disciplinary areas

TREE Center Gemelli

The disciplinary areas included in the activities of the centre include:

  • peri-operative medicine,
  • pain therapy,
  • emergency-urgency medicine,
  • maxi-emergencies,
  • clinical toxicology,
  • adult intensive care,
  • pediatric therapy.

Teaching methods in TREE

The teaching methods used include all the modern educational techniques applicable to adults:

  • lectures,
  • activities in small groups,
  • divergent and convergent discussions,
  • role-play,
  • case studies,
  • high-fidelity real-scale simulation,
  • task trainer,
  • video-assisted debriefing.


In addition to the usual activities for medical students, post-graduate students, doctors and nurses, useful other courses were held, including the following topics:

  • difficult airways with the use of unique and specific simulation technologies (Salad Park);
  • emergency echography and in critical medicine;
  • coagulopathies in traumatology;
  • halogenated anaesthetics.

For more information about TREE, please visit the website:

Gemelli Rome Triangle


Gemelli Rome Triangle