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Brachy Academy - IOC

Gemelli Brachy Academy is an extensive brachytherapy program, that opened in the 1970s and now being a world-leading centre in:

  • brachytherapy training,
  • treating gynaecological tumours,
  • head and neck tumours,
  • anal,
  • renal,
  • prostate,
  • ocular,
  • biliary tract,
  • oesophagus,
  • breast,
  • skin and sarcoma tumours.

The centre is equipped with HDR, PDR and LDR image-based treatment facilities.

Brachy Academy

The brachytherapy centre was one of the first institutions to adopt CT-based treatment planning and since 2012, MRI-based interventional procedures have become a daily routine.

Brachy Academy numbers

More than 400 patients per year receive brachytherapy treatments with more than 1,100 sessions. Furthermore, since 2015, Gemelli has been recognized as an international leader and international educational centre in brachytherapy techniques.

For more detailed information about Brachy Therapy at Gemelli, please visit also Gemelli ART or the dedicated webiste:

Gemelli Rome Triangle


Gemelli Rome Triangle