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Interventional Pneumonology

The Complex Operative Unit of Interventional Pneumology deals with the planning and execution of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services aimed at the diagnosis and/or therapy of primary or secondary pathologies of the airways (trachea and bronchi), lung, pleura and mediastinum.

Unit goals

interventional pneumology

The pursuit of excellence in the management of patients with chest pathology is the goal of the Interventional Pneumology Unit.

This objective is pursued thanks to:

  • the use of the most innovative technologies applied to endoscopy and ultrasound;
  • a strong multidisciplinary integration for the management of chest pathology:
    • Pneumology,
    • Thoracic Surgery,
    • Oncology,
    • Pathological Anatomy,
    • Radiotherapy,
    • Radiology,
    • Anaesthesia and Resuscitation,
    • Infectious Diseases,
    • Haematology;
  • a constant adaptation of the activity to the most recent international scientific evidence.


The areas of particular clinical and research interest are:

  • the application of interventional techniques for the diagnosis and endoscopic therapy of lung tumours;
  • the diagnosis of mediastinal pathologies with the aid of endoscopy (EBUS-TBNA and EUS-b-FNA);
  • the diagnosis of the pulmonary nodule with the aid of transbronchial and transparietal guidance techniques;
  • the diagnostic management of sarcoidosis and pulmonary interstitium pathologies.

The Operating Unit carries out its activities through an interventional area, an outpatient area, a day hospital (located on the 1st floor, wing P) and standard hospitalization (located on the 6th floor, wing N).

The interventional area consists of an endoscopic room equipped with the most modern technologies currently available in the field of Interventional Pneumology and a recovery room with 3 workstations for the management of the patient undergoing interventional procedures under general anesthesia.

The outpatient activity is aimed at assessing the indication and the degree of risk of invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures in patients with chest pathology.

Access to the Day Hospital or to the Standard Hospitalization of the Interventional Pulmonology Unit is reserved for patients for whom the examination of the clinical and radiological documentation by the doctors of the Operating Unit demonstrates the indication for the execution of complex diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, to be performed under sedation/deep or general anaesthesia, on the lung, mediastinum or pleura.

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