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General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery 1 deals with assistance and research above all concerning the oncological surgery of primary and recurrent tumors of the digestive system, with particular reference to:

  • esophagus-cardiac tumors,
  • gastric tumors,
  • colorectal tumors (carcinomas, GIST and neuroendocrine tumors).

In addition, the activity of department also covers most of the non-oncological abdominal diseases of surgical interest (diseases of the esophagus-gastric joint, diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, simple and complex abdominal wall surgery, cholecystectomies).

Minimally invasive techniques

general surgery

Most surgical procedures are performed with minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopy - robotic). All the oncological surgery activities are part of the multidisciplinary management paths of neoplastic pathologies, in the context of the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Continuous update

With particular reference to esophagocardiac, stomach, colon and rectal adenocarcinomas, the entire team of the department is a national and international reference center for the surgical treatment of gastrointestinal tumors. One of the cornerstones of this activity is the continuous updating on cutting-edge surgical techniques, with the organization of national and international courses, laparoscopic gastrectomy for stomach cancer and combined transabdominal and transanal resection (TaTME) for tumors of the middle and lower rectum.

A further element of excellence lies in the inclusion of all patients affected by colorectal pathologies in the ERAS protocol (enhanced recovery after surgery), which consists of a set of measures for pre-intervention and intra and post-operative management (specific nutritional evaluation, targeted anesthetic measures, early mobilization). Thanks to this protocol, most patients re-feed early, with discharges between the third and sixth postoperative day thanks to the decreased complication rate.

Custom services

Patients who need intestinal derivations (entero-ostomies) are taken care of by a dedicated nursing team already during hospitalization and have a dedicated clinic available for every management need for their ostomies.


The highly qualified medical team is coordinated by prof. Domenico D’Ugo, current President of the Italian Society of Oncological Surgery (SICO), and Director of the Surgery Area of ​​the Gemelli Foundation.

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Gemelli Rome Triangle