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Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgery

Gastrointestinal endoscopy surgery in the Operative Unit of Surgical Digestive Endoscopy is a center of excellence and advanced research on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the biliary tract and pancreas, the early diagnosis and treatment of early neoplastic lesions of the digestive system, on the endoscopic treatment of the disease.

From gastro-oesophageal reflux and the diagnosis of dyskinetic diseases of the oesophagus (achalasia, diverticula, etc.). within the operative unit are the Surgical Digestive Endoscopy Center and the Surgical Digestive Pathophysiology Center, in which a vast number of diagnostic and operational procedures are performed, a ward with 8 beds, and a Day Hospital with two beds.

gastrointestinal endoscopic surgery

The Surgical Digestive Endoscopy Center is currently located in wing A of the third floor of the Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic. The Center includes 6 Digestive Endoscopy theatres, diagnostic and therapeutic rooms, a recovery room with 8 workstations, and a room dedicated to Enteroscopy with Videocapsule.

The Day Hospital for gastrointestinal endoscopy surgery in Surgical Digestive Endoscopy is also located at the Center. Endoscopic examinations of the biliary tract and pancreas (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: ERCP), dilation of stenosis and placement of oesophagalenteral and colic stents are performed in a dedicated X-ray room within the Service.

The Digestive Pathophysiology Center includes a room in the CEMAD (Digestive System Disease Center) and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Endoscopy Center, on the third floor of Wing A.

The ward with 8 beds is located in the L wing of the sixth floor. The Management, the Secretariat and the offices of the Doctors of the Operating Unit are located on the ninth floor, wing B. Extracorporeal lithotripsies of gallstones and pancreatic stones are performed on the eighth floor, wing P.

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