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Pediatric General Surgery

The Complex Operating Unit of Pediatric Surgery under the leadership of prof. Lorenzo Nanni, carries out its activity by treating patients aged 0 to 18 with congenital and acquired pathologies of the:

  • neck,
  • thorax,
  • abdomen,
  • urinary tract,

including emergencies and planned elective interventions.

The assistance activities of Pediatric Surgery are functionally connected with those of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the related Neonatology departments, the Pediatric Intensive Care and Trauma Center, the Pediatric Emergency Department, Pediatrics, Child Neuropsychiatry, Pediatric Oncology, Neurosurgery Infantile, and with the Day Hospital of Obstetrics, the Pediatric Day Hospital and the Day Hospital dedicated to patients with Spina Bifida.

Patient journey

Pediatric Surgery

The coordinated work with the various operating units ensures an optimal diagnostic, therapy and follow-up service for the pathology of pediatric surgical interest, guaranteeing each patient an appropriate, timely clinical-care pathway updated with the most recent scientific evidence and guidelines.

The Pediatric Surgery Team routinely performs laparoscopic surgeries as all operating theaters are equipped with laparoscopic columns and instrumentation dedicated to the pediatric patient. We also perform, where indicated, interventions with the help of robotic surgery; the use of the laparoscopic approach is made possible thanks to the collaboration of a team of anesthetists who are experts in pediatric anesthesia.

Therapeutic services in hospitalization largely concern the performance of surgical interventions; in a small number of cases, inpatient diagnosis activities are also planned.

Surgical activity takes place at the multifunctional operating theater (1st floor, J wing).

Pediatrics activities

Activity in the department is divided into:

  • Standard hospitalization: in-patient ward with 20 beds shared with the UOC of Pediatrics, has single or 2 bed rooms, all with attached toilets;
  • Day Surgery: with reference to the dedicated multidisciplinary department;
  • Outpatient clinic: with scheduled visits.

Surgery approach

Therapeutic services in hospitalization concern all congenital and acquired pathology of the pediatric and adolescent age. Surgical activity is practiced both via traditional surgery and also video-assisted surgery (laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, robotics). Particular attention is paid, in all areas of relevance, to minimally invasive techniques: all pathologies that allow it, are treated with the laparo or thoracoscopic technique except for exceptions due to the particularity of the clinical case.

The team collaborates closely with the Obstetrics Department and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the pre and postnatal management of newborns suffering from congenital malformations.

The referents for the pathologies are:

  • General Pediatric Surgery: Dr. Lorenzo Nanni
  • Sexual Differentiation Disorders: Dr. Giacinto A. Marrocco
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