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Palliative Care

The Simple Operational Unit of the Palliative Care Area and Central Continuity of Care (CCA), whose manager is Dr. Christian Barillaro, belongs to the Department of Aging, Neurological, Orthopedic and Head-Neck Sciences, led by Prof. Roberto Bernabei.

Is the active and global care given to the patient when the disease no longer responds to therapies with the intention of the cure.

The control of pain and other symptoms, and psychological and spiritual problems take on primary importance.

Palliative care is interdisciplinary in nature and involves the patient, the family and the community in general. Their purpose is not to hasten or postpone death, but to preserve the best possible quality of life until the very end.

In the hospital

A palliative approach must also be guaranteed in the hospital for all patients during the entire treatment process, according to specific individual needs.

Palliative care is aimed at patients of any age and is not the prerogative of the terminal phase of the disease. In fact, they can complement active treatments from the early stages of the chronic-degenerative disease, control symptoms during the different trajectories of the disease, preventing or mitigating the effects of functional decline.

To meet the needs of patients and families, it is necessary to ensure the gradual transition from active care to palliative care, through the sharing of care goals.

Consultancy in the Hospital

The counselling is aimed at facilitating the care, planning of the palliative care path and possible treatment of all symptoms related to the disease and assessing the psychological-relational needs and the level of awareness of the patient and family members with respect to the prognosis, disease and the opportunity to make the patient more aware of the prognosis.

The Palliative Care Consultancy is activated according to the increasing complexity of the needs of patients in which the activation of the Local Palliative Care Network is required with the taking in charge at the Home Palliative Care Unit (UCP) and hospitalization in Hospice.

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