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Medical Oncology

The Complex Operating Unit (U.O.C.) of Medical Oncology consists of 21 hospital beds16 DH stations (14 armchairs and 2 beds) and dedicated outpatient clinics based on tumor type.

The U.O.C. of Medical Oncology is an integral part of the Gastroenterology and Medical Oncology Area, included in the Department of Gastroenterological, Endocrine-metabolic and Nephro-Urological Sciences, and is part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Day Hospital

The Day Hospital (D.H.) is active 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. On Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, assistance is provided by the Nursing Clinic responsible for the maintenance of central venous catheters and advanced medications. For patients in need of the U.O.C. of Medical Oncology, c/o the D.H. There is a Surgical Outpatient Department for the implantation of central venous accesses (PICC and Port-a-cath) and for the insertion of permanent peritoneal drainages, between 08:00 and 14:00 from Monday to Friday.

Oncology Assistance Activity

The assistance activity is provided in accordance with the areas of tumour pathologies that flow into the multidisciplinary groups (Tumor board) of the A. Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation, in accordance with the evidence-based guidelines and the internal PDTAs, developed within the groups. The U.O.C. of Medical Oncology provides all the diagnostic and therapeutic services associated with oncological diseases, with the exception of neoplasms of haematological relevance:

  • leukaemia,
  • lymphomas,
  • myelomas.

The Unit is able to offer patients chemotherapy, molecularly targeted drugs and immunotherapy. Furthermore, thanks to the participation in international and national studies, each patient is evaluated to be included in clinical trials with innovative and experimental drugs. In this context, extensive clinical and translational research is carried out in all types of clinical trials, from early phase studies to randomized studies to registration studies.

Every year, over 1,000 patients are hospitalized in the medical oncology ward, with an average stay of about 7-8 days. In DH-Day Service, almost 20,000 services are accessed every year, and more than 26,000 outpatient visits are carried out on a yearly basis.

The assistance activity of the U.O.C. makes use of the work of Psycho-Oncology and Clinical Nutrition, to support the treatment of patients at all stages of the disease. The U.O.C. of Medical Oncology consists of two Simple Structures (U.O.S. of Rare Tumors and U.O.S. of Thoraco-Pulmonary Oncology).

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