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NEMO Medical Center

The NEMO Clinical Center is a state-of-the-art facility for the care of children and adults affected by motor neuron diseases and muscular dystrophies (a spectrum of more than 150 diseases).

The Center is made up of two departments:

  • the adult area,
  • the pediatric area,

which share the same mission.

The Adult Department is directed by prof. Sabatelli, is one of the leading ALS experts in Italy.

The ward is located on the 4th floor, wing M of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation.

The NEMO Adult Clinical Center is characterized by its high specialization in the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases and in the management of problems related to the evolution of the disease, especially in the acute phase.

Diseases treated

Patients treated in the Center are affected by:

  • motor neuron diseases (in particular Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis),
  • peripheral neuropathies,
  • myopathies,
  • acquired and hereditary.

Motor neuron diseases rooms

The ward consists of 10 standard hospital beds with single rooms and accessible services. The rooms are equipped with advanced home automation systems and an additional bed for possible family assistance.

Multidisciplinary approach and motor neuron diseases

The care of people with neuromuscular pathologies is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that involves specialists from NEMO and the rest of the hospital, in the areas of Cardiology, Clinical Nutrition, and Phoniatrics, Digestive Endoscopy, Medical Genetics, Resuscitation, Clinical Ethics and Physiatry.

An integral part of the team is the Clinical Psychology service which provides assistance to the sick and their families. The purpose of the multidisciplinary team is to take care of the person with neuromuscular pathology in all phases of the disease; the Center also provides support and training for the family and caregivers.

Services in NEMO Center

At the Nemo Center in Rome, patients are welcomed for diagnostic investigations, the follow-up of the disease, for the management of complications related to the evolution of the disease and for psychological support.

NEMO Center Staff

The medical staff consists of five neurology specialists (Prof. Mario Sabatelli and Dr Amelia Conte, Agata Katia Patanella, Giulia Bisogni, and Daniela Bernardo) and a pulmonologist with clinical experience in the field of neuromuscular diseases (Dr.ssa Emiliana Meleo).

The NEMO Adult Clinical Center manages people suffering from a neuromuscular disease not only in hospitals but also on an outpatient basis according to a personalized follow-up plan, which includes both clinical and instrumental evaluations, specific to the evolution of the disease.

Outpatient activities are carried out at the ward of the Clinical Center itself, on the fourth floor of wing M (4M).

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