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High Intensity Neurorehabilitation

The High-Intensity Neuro Rehabilitation Unit is devoted to the neurorehabilitation of patients with outcomes from Severe Acquired Brain Injury (GCA).

GCA refers to brain damage that results in a state of coma and motor, cognitive and/or behavioural impairments that result in significant disability.

The multisensory cave in Neuro Rehabilitation

Alongside intensive management of clinical problems and traditional rehabilitation, the department comprises innovative technology, aimed at a new concept of rehabilitation.


The pride of the High-Intensity Neurorehabilitation Unit are the "multisensory cave" (a room equipped with the most modern technologies, among which an immersive audio-video projection system stands out), robotics equipment for motor rehabilitation, hardware and software for cognitive rehabilitation, systems for non-invasive brain stimulation, etc.

"Cave" approach

Inside the "cave" multisensory stimulations and cognitive and motor rehabilitation interventions are carried out, personalized on the basis of the clinical picture and the biographical contents of the patient, collected in the anamnestic phase.

A personalized treatment dynamically adapted on the basis of the different phases of brain reorganization, thanks to continuous monitoring by means of neurophysiological techniques (electroencephalogram, evoked and event-related potentials, Holter EGC).

Our Professionals team for Neuro Rehabilitation

In addition to the multidisciplinary team within the department, various professionals with emotional and non-emotional communication experience (philosophers, musicians, artists, mathematicians, astrophysicists, etc.) from well-established fields in the arts and sciences (for example the Astronomical Observatory of Rome, the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art) participate in the aim to neurological recovery.

Support for the family

A serious brain injury causes the person to enter a lasting condition of "fragility", with a significant impact on the patient's quality of life and on that of the entire family.

In light of this, it is therefore essential to also understand the needs and the difficulties experienced by caretakers. A space is dedicated to family members in which they can share and process their experiences of suffering and receive support from dedicated professionals (psychologists).

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