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Infectious Diseases


In the outpatient clinic, patients with infectious diseases like HIV infection without opportunistic pathologies are followed-up: the disease is monitored, antiretroviral therapy and hepatitis co-infections are administered and controlled, and opportunistic disease prophylaxis.

Patients with chronic hepatitis, patients discharged from Infectious Diseases wards and patients with any type of infectious or tropical pathology are also followed and treated.

Day Hospital

Infectious diseases day hospital test

In the Day Hospital, diagnostic services are carried out:

  • liver biopsies;
  • bone marrow;
  • skin;
  • rachycentesis.

Intravenous therapies are administered (chemotherapy for patients already followed at the Infectious Diseases Unit).

At the request of the treating physicians, PICC-type venous catheters are placed.

Integrated infectious diseases consulting unit

The Integrated Infectious Disease Consultancy Unit (UdCII) is made up of a team of Infectious Disease Doctors who carry out specialist consultations on call in all of the hospitals, for the management of the most serious hospital infections, with the aim of optimizing the diagnostic approach/therapeutics and with particular attention to the good use of antibiotics (Antibiotic Stewardship).

Research and teaching in Infectious Diseases

infectious diseases teaching

The scientific research activity concerns the most modern fields of infectious disease with particular regard to:

  • the epidemiology;
  • clinic and therapy of HIV disease;
  • nosocomial infections;
  • antibiotic resistance;
  • the use of expert systems for the control of antibiotic therapy and antiretroviral.

The teaching activity in the infectious field is aimed at students of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery, the degree course in Dentistry, the degree course in Biotechnology, the School of specialization in Infectious and Tropical Diseases belonging to the Institute, as well as of numerous specialization schools of the Faculty, of the Degree Course in Health Economics and of numerous short degree courses of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

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